Spider Cards

Hand Drawn Spider Cards

Big weapons, very big, and strong with lots of lives. Lots of nice strong monsters. Lots of weapons. Dangerous. All have very sharp teeth. Metabot Fights cover Metabot Fights pg 1 Metabot Fights pg 2 Metabot Fights pg 3 Metabot fights pg 4 Metabot fights pg 5 Gives you lots of power. Only you opponents strongest monster can defeat bonus. Attacks with fire and uses knives to cut. Electricity type. Can fly. Uses poisenous bites. It's wacko and strong. Uses bombs. Survives for 5 turns only using bombs. Uses weapons including hi-tech missiles. Launches spikey balls. Lots of weapons. Uses missiles. Has 1 Tommohawk missile. Can see ontop of the water and shoot the other enemy. Camouflages. Has hi-tech weapons. Has 1 missile. Bomb type. Survives 1 turn using its bombs. Laser eyes. Gun hand. Has an electric horn. Uses electric balls to attack. Everytime you put a monster down it automatically attacks. Has lots of weapons. Uses its armour as a magic card for a shield and more weapons. It blocks you and your opponent to think for 10 turns. If you have 7 monsters on the field this card can automatically explode those 7 monsters because it has 7 fuses. Shoots fire balls. Uses its wings to scratch its enemies. Same thing with its feet. It only attacks with an electric force. And uses a mega-blast ! San - a good card - gives your monster over 100 attack points. Another San - gives your monster over 100 attack points. Uses spikie hands to saw through other monsters. Has guns on its feet to shoot monsters. Another San - gives your monster over 100 attack points. This card gives you over 1000 attack points.