Wild Canadian Flowers

Wild flowers that grow on the shores of Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada

White Trilium Wild Pink Rose Thistle Thistle Dandylion Daisies Daisies Wild White Rose Wild Red Rose Buds Monark butterflies Blueberries Moss Moss White Water Lilly Lilly Pond White Lilly Bud Purple Trillium White Water Lilly White Water Lilly Bush Bee Wild Cauliflower Monark Butterfly Beatle Rusted Old Plow Field of Wild Flowers Field of Brookline Blue Daisy Blue Daisies Tree Pasture Cob Webs Lucky Flower Thistle Gone to Seed Rusted Old Tractor Rusted Old Tractor Old Falling Barn Blue Daisy Purple Brookline Wild Yellow Lilly Wild Orange Red Lilly Wild Crane's Bill Cone Flower Purple Bellwort Orange Adder's Tongue Wild Orange Red Lilly Pink Brookline Mauve Flower Orange Flower Purple Flower Buttercups White Anemone Wild Cauliflower Red Columbine Great Lakes Shoreline Purple Anemone Yellow Flower Yellow Chickweed Leaves in water Orange Anemone Red Flower Wild Crane Pink Flower White Harebell Orange and Yellow Blooms Flower garden Purple Bellwort Red Anemone White Anemone White Pyrola White Hydrangia Purple Pyrola Red Bush Red Bush Yellow Maple Fall leaves Flower Flower Flower