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Welcome to the Swimmingcat.com kids page where you will find links to great sites for children and art prepared by kids for kids.

Links to Great Sites for Kids

Link Description
XtraNormal.com If you can type - you can make a talking cartoon. More fun than a barrel of monkeys!
RoBlox.com Build a 3-D and then play in it...
Bushcraft For anybody that enjoys the forest this is an amazing field manual from the Candian military about how to survive in the woods. It talks about what plants can be eaten, how to catch animals and fish, and how to build shelters. At 189 pages it is quite comprehensive. You may want to print a copy and stash it with your gear for your next trip into the wilds.
NewGrounds.com Fun games and fun videos.
Y8.com Free Flash Games! Looking for a cool game - try here.
MaxGames.com A collection for fun free online games.
MiniClip.com Free games and shows.
Pardus.at Futuristic space battle with other players around the world.
Talking Cat Yes, beleive it or not, SwimmingCat can talk! Check it out.
Talking Snake Oh, it's nothing, just a little olde' talking snake.
FunnyPart.com Funny part of the web.
BattleDawn.com A massive multi-player strategy game set in the future with great graphics. Spies, Nukes, Satelites, Aliances with thousands of players.

The game requires that you log in at least daily and take a few minutes to make your moves. If you are always on the net anyways, this can be a nice little 5 minute break once in a while.
TribalWars.net Tribal Wars is a browser-based massive multi-player game set in the Middle Ages. Every player controls a small village, striving for power and glory.

The game requires that you log in at least daily and take a few minutes to make your moves. If you are always on the net anyways, this can be a nice little 5 minute break once in a while.
Si.edu From the Smithsonen Institute! Step into a museum and solve an art mystery. Collect the clues in Meet Me At Midnight.
TinyUrl.com Brain Teasers
PuzzleMaker.Discovery.com Not ready to solve anything? Try creating your own crosswords and word searches.
HowStuffWorks.com One way to get the mind whirring is to think about the workings of the universe. Like, why is Pluto no longer a planet? Something you might want to know before sceince class!
BJPinchbeck.com Since 1996, BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper has been the curator of the best free education and homework resources for students, teachers and parents.
CollegeScholarships.org College Scholarships Homework Helper: Resources for All Students
Encarta.msn.com Go here for encyclopedias, atlases, and even videos.
RefDesk.com Get daily doses of everything from poems to jokes, including the Internet traffic report which lets you in on the busyness of the Internet around the world.
Zone.MSN.com Online games.
RuneScape.com The Massive online adventure game
Happy Pills Make everyone happy - but not too happy
Stick Man Games A variety of stick man games written in Flash
Memory Test Test your visual memory
Paper Throw Test your skills tossing crumpled paper
Dollz Mania Dolls, more dolls, and most importantly: interactive games
Stick Page Stick people interactive games
Adult Swim (for kids of all ages) Great games, cool pics, neat things to buy (Futurama and Family Guy)
Tea Games Rubber people and things - cool FLASH games
MoFunZone.com MoFun online games
BadgerBadgerBadger.com Wisconsin Badger Football Team official site - very annoying but fun
FlashPlayer.com Flash Technology Online Games
CoffeeBreakArcade.com All Your Favourite Online Games
SplinterCell.com Breakthough Action Experience Splinter Cell Online Spy Game
AddictingGames.com Hundreds of Online games
KimPossible.com Online games with Lio and Stitch
Bonus.com Family fun. Lots of games.
CartoonNetwork.com The Cartoon Network Web Site
NeoPets.com Virtual on-line pets and cool games.
Disney Disney Home Page
Bionicle Lego/Bionicle Games
Star Wars Games from the movie Star Wars
CBC for Kids Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - Games
YTV Youth Television - Games
NASA Nation Areonautics and Space Agency - Astronomy picture of the day
SwimmingCat.Com SwimmingCat Picture Libraries

Kid's Videos

Link Description
Skate Board Park Video Skate board park video footage.

Art Prepared by Kids for Kids

Link Description
Between Friends Spring time drawings prepared by children at the Between Friends Daycare.
Spider Cards Hand drawn trading cards.
Cubs Computer Badge Cub's Computer Badge. Cubs from the First Unionville Cubs have submitted their computer badge artwork to be published on the internet. Check it out!